Meeting Recaps

September Recipient: Woolwich Guest House

September 2022

We met LIVE again in September. A very special thankyou to Elmira Crossfit for hosting our group. This quarter’s majority vote went to the Woolwich Guest House for Ukrainian Refugees in Transition. Click here to read more.

May 2022

Our wish for an in-person meeting came to fruition this month as 100 Woolwich Women met at the immaculate Tri-Mach offices. Thank you so very much to the Tri-Mach family for hosting our meeting – getting back to the social aspects of our meeting was such a gift, and we were thrilled that many members came out to join us. Click here to read more

February 2022

Although we’d hoped to meet live for this meeting, our plans were foiled once again and a virtual meeting ensued. We voted and awarded Sprucelawn Apartments for Seniors with our donation for the quarter. Click here to read more. 

November 2021

Given the current COVID-19 restrictions, 100 Woolwich Women elected to hold (what we hope is one last virtual meeting) on Wednesday, November 17th. Thanks to all members who joined us, and thank you to the presenting charities for your informative presentations. Click here to read more

September 2021

On a glorious fall evening, approximately 45 Woolwich Women attended our live meeting hosted at the Blue Bruce B&B on Tuesday September 28th. Click here to read more.

September 2020

Thank you to all members who participated in our first virtual meeting last week. Our goal was to create a virtual experience that offered a similar style to what we normally accomplish in person at our meetings. We knew technology could either help or hinder us, and we are pleased to report that our meeting went off *almost* seamlessly. We consider the meeting a success and we hope you do too!
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